Blue Lagoon – Just go. Yes…it is teeming with tourists but immersing yourself in the warm waters with snow falling around is pretty magical. The color of the lagoon is also spectacular. We went pre flight during the daylight hours, but a night visit with a chance to see the Northern Lights also would be amazing.

Silfra Fissure – quite a geological marvel to see the massive tectonic plates meeting. The water at the fissure is also brilliantly clear. While we didn’t get a chance to snorkel in the fissure, it is still worth a view.

Vik – this charmingly tiny town on the southern coast boasts beautiful views of the black sand beaches. The Vik Church is perched high above the town and a walk or drive up to it rewards you with expansive views of the town and ocean. There is also a fantastic Micro Brewery called Smiðjan Brugghús that serves delicious beers and burgers.